Little Miracles

Have you ever just wanted to scream (or have screamed), “Why does life have to be so hard?!”

I know I have – and although I’ve faced some ups and downs, heartaches and tragedies – my life is pretty plush. I’m not starving, for one. I have a home with my family, where I sleep in a big comfy bed every night that I am absolutely obsessed with. And not to mention all of the other blessings in life of which I undeservingly possess. Overall,  I know that compared to a million billion other people living in this world, my life is set – I’ve got it made – and I better be grateful and never complain. But alas…there are still those days where I want to complain. And be mad. Scream at the top of my lungs for having been screwed over or treated unfairly, or having too much too do, too much to cry about, think about, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

It’s normal, I know. To get upset. We all have our own story, right? Our own path in life, and when something goes askew, that leaves you thinking weeks, months, years about, wondering why that every happened in the first place…it is our right to be upset. Sometimes those feelings of anguish last much longer than we ever thought possible. Some things cause that much pain – and pain is never to be underestimated. Even when we try to hide it, internalize it, we’ll still always feel that sting in our hearts every time we are reminded of what we lost, what could have been, and what never was.

Not to be depressing, I swear this post has a point. And that point is: what can we do or how can we be reminded of how much we are loved and that our days are not all for not, but rather guided by the skilled hand of God. You could say, we are looking for the “little miracles.” For me, my miracles are often found in the wonderful days where I get to spend time with my nieces and nephews. Recent events have reminded me even more of just how special they are to me, to our family, to the world, that I cherish the time spent with them. There is something so beautiful about watching a child grow up, learn new things, go to school, sing songs, make friends, have revelations (even if only about the most efficient way to set up building blocks or the perfect excuse for not having to share a toy) and become their own individual person, from the moment they are born. When they are my age and we are all gathered together for a family reunion, I get to show them pictures of when they were little and say “Ya, I knew you then.” And plus – my main goal is to be the best aunt ever who spoils them and plays with them and gives them whatever they want, teaches them cool tricks, new words, and silly songs. Oh, and give them chocolate and ice-cream. I have learned that those two things might as well be gold in a child’s eyes (as well as mine).

Other little miracles are often found in the music we listen to. On a down day, try to find inspirational music that can bring your mindset towards more forward thinking. Or you could look through an old photo book and laugh at the old crazy memories you had growing up (and laugh at the clothes you wore) or with your high school friends. Some days, we have to make those miracles for ourselves. I have a picture of St. Francis’ Basilica in Assisi as the background of the laptop. Why you ask? It reminds me of good times, happy times, when all was right with the world as I was in the most beautiful place in the world. Even when I’m upset, just looking at that picture, knowing that it will be there when I open up my desktop brings a smile to my face. Incorporating your own feel good moments into the day will help to bring a silver lining (even if only a small one, I feel you) to your day.

And hey, if all else fails…there’s always coffee! Sweet, sweet caffeinated nectar which always helps to brighten a mood…or at least put a buzz on it.

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