The First Three Days

From the moment we arrived in Rome, I have been unable to tear my eyes away from the sights surrounding us. Everywhere I look there is beauty, and most of the time I am in complete awe. I have to pinch myself every five minutes so I can be reminded that I am here in the Eternal City, the most beautiful of places. We live in a small village forty minutes outside of Rome, and every day we take the train into the city. On the first real day of classes and sight visits, we went to the Colosseum. One word: Amazing. The Colosseum is right in the city, and visible automatically outside of the underground (which is the Italian subway). It is impossible to comprehend such an important and beautiful piece of art. Thousands of years old, it doesn't hold the same type of beauty that it did in its original form. Present day, the Colosseum represent the beauty of history, of a country's past and mistakes, Roman culture, and science. The Colosseum was a fantastic jump start to our Rome experience. After that, we visited the Roman Forum, which was also very breath taking. Then we stayed in the city the rest of the day to sight see and explore. The shops are great here, as well as the people. Everyone we met along the way were unexpectedly friendly to "the Americanos." 

Today we went to Spagna, inside of Rome, and were able to see the Spanish steps. I took a picture on top of the steps and inside of the fountain. I couldn't believe that I was there. The area around the steps was so European looking, almost like a movie. So beautiful. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go into the  church at the top of the steps because it was closed. However, we were able to visit inside a very famous and spiritual church, where their past priests and bishops were actually buried underneath the marble floors in a crypt. The statues and paintings inside were awe inspiring. Seeing beautiful artwork like that inside a Catholic church, where the beauty of the Lord is meant to be experienced was truly a blessing. Inside Italian churches, it becomes very clear that God provides us with talents in this life so we may use them to praise His name, and spread the Gospel among all people.

The upcoming days are planned to be just as exciting! I so look forward to it! For those reading this blog, please keep me in your prayers as I partake in this journey, in such a holy city. Feel free to leave a comment about anything! Next post should be soon....

Ciao Bella!

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